Necrophonic is an ITC app used for spirit communication and EVP research.8 Sounds Banks:The audio has been mastered in a way to bring out various sound properties .Using Pro Tools I was able to enhance high, mid, and low range frequencies. I also appliedother filters to create unique sound characteristics to help layer the audio and create anenvironment suitable for spirit communication.The audio itself is made up of phonemes,partial words, reverse audio, foreign languages, and other parts of speech that can helpspirits communicate. Besides some basic phonetic sounds such as na, no, da, do, di, ma, may, etc.there are no real words of phrases contained in the banks.These sounds banks play in a similarway to that of my other app "Spiritus Ghost Box" but instead of 4 sound banks Necrophonic has8 active sound banks.White Noise Sound Bank:This app also has an optional 9th sound bank called "White noise".This bank can be used alone or with the other 8 giving you a total of 9 sound banks. Thisaudio is taken for the internal sounds of the famous DR60 recorder that is known as the"Holy Grail" of EVP recorders. This is not a White Noise Generator, this is a normal sound bank like the others but this one contains white noise from the DR60.Audio Effects:This app does contain Echo and Reverb audio effects. These have been provento be the best effects to apply to ITC sessions. The echo can create audio that can bemanipulated within the echo itself. Echo can also help in live, real time communication byrepeating the audio and allowing you to better hear whats coming through. Reverb can beapplied to the audio to create a spacious sound environment that will enhance audio manipulation.
Price USD9.99
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Version 1.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.