Barometer & Altimeter - for outdoor sports,fishing

Barometer, altimeter, compass, GPS, FOUR in ONE. No ADS. No IAP.No internet connection required, use the built-in sensor.Designed for fishing enthusiasts, hidden fishing tips, the App can turn into an ordinary barometer, it is also applicable to other types of outdoor activities, including mountaineering, skiing, traveling, including attractions mountain climbing, plateau traveling, high-rise tourism, etc.[Attention] This app uses the barometric pressure sensor found in the iPhone 6, 6s, 7 (including Plus models) and iPad Air 2, Mini 4 as well as iPad Pro (both sizes). You need one of these devices in order to use this app! If you are using an iPad, update to at least iOS 10.1. Earlier iOS 10 releases on iPad do not offer access to the barometer sensor! It is not compatible with iPhone SE and older iPhone and iPad devices without this sensor![Electricity Saving Design] The measure function whether open is completely determined by the user. Automatically shut down when switch to the background, the background refresh function is closed. In both positioning function and display on the map function, optimization software made possible, make the minimum power consumption and the network flow.[Features] With barometer and compass function, you can display air pressure, altitude, latitude and longitude. Equipped with fishing tips, can be calculated according to altitude fishing pressure. The prompt function can be turned off. Support map displaying; Support 3D Touch function. Support the pressure change chart displaying. Measuring range: from 300 hPa to 1100 hPa, covering the plains and most of the plateau areas. 0.01mbar resolution, more sensitive to changes in pressure. Pressure units support hPa (hundred Pascal, mBar) and inHg(inches Hg). The main interface has 8 color schemes, which can be switched around. Support for personalized custom display of information, providing multiple settings options.[Operation method] When you open the App, the measurement of air pressure will start automatically, and the position and orientation information will be acquired at same time. Tap the "Start / End" button, you can start or stop measurement and positioning at will. Tap (or press) the "Position" button to display the location on the map. When the current measurement is finished, the current barometric value will be automatically saved. Historical records can also be emptied in the chart view. Tap (or press) the "Chart" button to display the barometric pressure curve. Swipe on the barometric pressure curve to display the details of each barometric pressure information. Tap (or press) the "Help" button into the "Settings" view, you can set the display format of location and pressure. Also, you can set the unit of the air pressure and other options. When in the "measurement" state, the compass will automatically rotate, the direction of the arrow to the north, and you can choose "magnetic north" or "true north". Swipe in the main interface with your fingers, you can switch color scheme.
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.