Sono X12 Spirit Box Pro

Sono X12 Ghost Box is a highly advanced ghost scanner for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters.This spirit box uses 4 big soundbanks and a brand new "experimental mode" which makes this one of the most advanced Spirit and Voice Box tools on the market today.You have full control with 3 settings for the sensor and voice bank speed, plus the new experimental mode.Sono X12 is a Ghost box which uses multiple voice banks. These sound banks are created by small bits of the American/English alphabet, phonemes, and small cuts of speeches (with NO full sentences or words)When one of the mobiles sensors are triggered, it then creates a timestamp in one of the voicebanks, which can be heard if a sensor is triggered again. If the mobile receives more triggers, it will then put together small bits of audio (from the 4 available soundbanks) to create full words or sentences. We believe that the paranormal is able to trigger some of the sensors in a mobile phone to make contact with us. Therefore it is not the spirits voice you hear, but the spirit can create words from the voice banks by manipulating the mobiles sensors.That is the whole idea behind Sono X12.THIS APP WILL NOT WORK IN OTHER LANGUAGES- since it uses English phonemes and the English alphabet.# One of the most advances ghost tools on the market# New experimental mode for clear responses and better results# 3 different speed settings# New and improved voice banks# 4 Voice Banks for better results And much more.Our ghost hunting apps are trusted and used by thousands of Paranormal researchers and Ghost hunters around the world from professional to amateur. Sono X12 was designed to be user-friendly, but also to give the user some of the best results by using state of the art software engineering.
Price USD 3.99
License Purchase
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.