Monitors is a Windows application which displays a number of options to switch a given monitor in a single or dual monitor system off and on or to switch all monitors off. As far as all monitors in a dual monitor system or the single monitor in a single monitor system are concerned, Windows does allow to set up a period of inactivity after which the monitors will be automatically switched off. However, users who do not want to use this option or do not want to wait for this period can use the Monitors application to switch all monitors off whenever they desire. All the switched off monitors will be switched on again after some user input such as a mouse move or a press of a key. To avoid accidental switches on, the application disallows any such user input for a few seconds after the button to switch the monitors off is clicked. The application also allows to quickly switch a given monitor off, to switch all monitors on, i. e., to extend a given monitor to all monitors ( normal Windows multi window configuration ) or to duplicate a given monitor to all others. This is achieved by a secure Microsoft application, in other words, the Monitors application calls a standard Microsoft software to switch a given monitor off or on or to duplicate. Anyone can use this standard Microsoft application directly either from a command prompt or with a short cut, however, Monitors does this with a single click. Also, Monitors adds the option to switch all monitors off as described to the other options. The mentioned standard Microsoft software does not. The Monitors application is also useful for privacy purposes. All monitors can be immediately and reliably switched off whenever anyone approaches the user. Also, the Monitors application contributes to the long term reliability of the PC or laptop displays as these can be switched off whenever not used. Also, Monitors saves power as the monitors or monitor of a laptop can be switched off without the necessity to wait for the inactivity period.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 195.51 kB
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows, Windows 10
System Requirements None