Epicyclic 3D Clock for IOS 9 devices.This application is designed with xCode 7.2 entirely written in swift language.The application requires iOS 9.0 or later on iPhones 5 and later.It is a simple apps running in real time syncing with your time setting on your iPhone. It is a 3D animation for the friends and enthusiast of mechanical clocks. All parts in this 3D animation are mechanically functional. Its a perfect application merging old historic time keeping into the leading edge of portable powerful computing devices running iOS 9.2. This update implements new user interface options. Added an Alarm Clock feature. Alarm hour and minutes are configured by a time picker pop up. The Pop Up of this time picker is triggered by a swipe down gesture. The reset button removes the time picker popup menu once ne minutes and hours for the alarm is selected.Simple Stop Watch option activated by start and stop buttons. Reset button will restore Day of the week and Time display text field. This textfield is shared by Stop watch and Day of the Week and time display. Moon Phase life picture from US Navy Observatory. This feature requires Internet Access. This feature is activated by a swipe Right Edge Gesture. A Popup Error text with warning if Internet Access is unavailable on the host device. Press reset button to remove error popup. Live picture of current Moon Phase Complication can be removed at any time by pressing the reset Button.A help text and technology history text is available as a popup textview overlay. The user has scroll up and scroll down inaction to read the user instruction and or historic background reading of the clocks historical back ground. The reset Button will move the text overlay.User can rotate the 3D view of the clock by swiping right and left gesture in 15 degree steps. The story of the actual Clock Design and HistoryAn English man William Strutt designed this Skeleton Clock in the 1820's and his friend William Wigston built it. Because of the difficulties involved in making epicyclical gears very few were made by Strutt and Wigston.The great W.R. Smith Master Clock Maker of Tennessee USA documented and replicated this extremely unusual masterpiece . The great Clayton Boyer designed the Wooden Clock version. This EpicCyclic Clock has a number of interesting and extremely unusual features not found in other clocks. The motion work is based on the Ferguson Mechanical Paradox instead of the normal 12 to 1 gear train. The Epicyclic Clock Both beautiful and unusual in the extreme, this clock is an excellent time keeper, which any Clockmaker will be proud to have made. I created this iPhone 3D version of the Strutt Epicyclic Train 3D animated Clock with great respect to William Strutt who in the 1820 designed and made the original Strutt-Epicyclic-Train Clock. This iPhone application is dedicated to these Master Craftsman and friends of mechanical clock and wooden clock design.This Clock movement mechanical timing is based on the modified Anchor Escapement. In 1715 George Graham is said to have modified the anchor escapement to eliminate recoil, creating the deadbeat escapement, also called the Graham escapement. This has been the escapement of choice in almost all finer pendulum clocks since then. This Clocks Epicycle Gear Train captures the historic unique mechanical design of the William Strutt design. This iPhone 3D-Simulation moves and animates this unique epicyclic gear-train. It captures the genius of the 18th century mechanical technical designs by William Strutt. The current computing power of portable devices such as the iPhone family enables to render such complex 3D objects and puts the historic beauty of mechanical technology to your Pocket to carry around.
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