Free Mobile Security & Safe Browsing App for Android Phone WOT is a free security app that boosts your mobile protection against both malicious and adult web content. Protect your mobile phone and join the Web of Trust (WOT) community of over 6 million users and over 56 million rated sites. The WOT community rates sites as they browse, according to Trustworthiness and Child Safety, making WOT the largest community-powered website reputation tool. Note: Notifications not live on Android 6 - will work in a later version. Why is WOT a MUST-HAVE app?. Ever wonder if you can trust a site? WOT is the first mobile security app based on user reviews. WOT lets you browse safely, warning you when a site is dangerous or suspicious. Installing WOT on your Android is a simple way to protect your device, warning you when you land on malicious and adult websites. Customize your experience: Not sure what you want to block? You can adjust your protection level according to your preferences. Against what types of online threats can WOT protect you?. Malware & Viruses Avoid visiting websites that host malicious software, such as viruses, spyware, and adware that can steal your information and spread to other devices. Phishing Turn back from malicious links in fake emails, websites and text messages that are designed to fool you into giving away personal information. Scams Users ratings warn you when you visit a site that may host any type of fraud designed to steal money or personal information. Spyware WOT can warn you when a site has been reported to host spyware, which collects your personal information without your knowledge. Highlights of WOT:Fast and free app for mobile internet safety. Doesn't slow your browserSeamless integration with Chrome and all native Android browsers Customize WOT to block specific threats to your phone: Tailor searches for threats specific to your phone, including suspicious links and phishing. Ensure WOT identifies the sites that pose risks to your internet experience. Highlight mobile security hazards you want WOT to warn you against. WOT's rating system warns you when a site is not safe. Be aware of potential fraudulent websites and undesired web content. Run a site safety check through WOT. Instantly know which sites are safe. View site scorecards: User generated ratings help you understand the reasons behind a site's reputation score. Rate sites and flag scams, phishing and other threats to protect the wider WOT community while providing an additional layer of website safety and security to your mobile device. How does WOT for Android work? Know which websites to trust:WOT tells you which websites you can trust based on other users' experiences. By collecting and calculating website reputations, it warns against online threats such as scams, malware, phishing, rogue web stores and malicious links. Added layer of website safety and browser protection:WOT complements antivirus and malware security by adding a layer of protection only the human eye can spot. WOT is powered by a multi-million strong community that rates websites according to safety, user experience and trustworthiness. Ratings are used to calculate a website's reputation score. If the score is low, you will be alerted as to the reasons. Malicious website protection:WOT warns you with a popup when you click on unsafe links. Website reputations are marked with colored icons and the website's reputation score. WOT combines human experiences and 3rd party lists to aggregate site trustworthiness ratings, warning users of scams and phishing attempts before it's too late. Build Red and Green Lists:When you rate a site red or green, it is added to your Red List or Green List accordingly. From settings, you can decide whether to block Red sites.
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