Security Warrior Antivirus protects you against mobile viruses and thieves. Stop worrying about losing your phone or battling malware: install our all-in-one security suite and discover a whole new level of peace of mind. Fast and effective antivirus & antispywareWe think security should be something simple. That's why Security Warrior is one of the clearest and easiest to use antivirus for Android. Real-time protection keeps a vigilant eye on suspicious apps, while on-demand scans quickly check the phone storage to ensure no virus gets through. Locate and lock your lost deviceMillions of phones get stolen or lost every year. Should you lose your device, you wouldn't just lose money, but also irreplaceable data. Don't let that happen: Security Warrior can track your phone on the map, sound a siren, lock it down and even erase its contents at your command. Protect the privacy of your contacts and SMSEven legitimate apps might pose a risk for your personal data. Security Warrior tells you which apps are accessing contacts, messages and device data. The built-in App Insight makes it very easy to assess real privacy risks, so you can act without hesitation and remove the offending applications. Surf the web safelyMalware may come not only from apps, but also from the web, under the guise of innocent looking forms and download buttons. The Safe Surf shield of Security Warrior checks every site you load and blocks malicious one on the spot. It's completely automatic, and lightning-fast. Security Warrior Features:? Real-time Antivirus Protection? On-demand Malware Scan? Custom Scan [Premium]. Scheduled Scans? Virus Database Updates [Premium]? Anti-Theft - Remote Alarm? Anti-Theft - Remote Lockdown? Anti-Theft - SIM Swap Notification? Anti-Theft - Custom Reporting Number? Anti-Theft - Locate device [Premium]? Anti-Theft - Wipe device [Premium]? Privacy Status Summary? Privacy - Details [Premium]? Privacy - Uninstall Unwanted Apps [Premium]? Safe Surf Shield? Full Security Log? Stealth ModeAll Premium features are free to try for the first 30 days. The others stay free forever, and are fully compatible with other security applications.
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