Calculation of timelines for SEAD missions are the bane of indirect fire units. SEAD Tools fixes that. While this app is targeted at 81mm mortarmen, it could be used by any artillery unit needing to calculate timelines based on Time on Target and Time of Flight information for Suppression of Enemy Air Defense missions. SEAD Tool features:- Standalone calculator app, no internet connection required- Standard, Interrupted, and Non Standard mission types- Adjustable crew response time (7, 10, or 12 sec) - Uses gun altitude, max ord, and GTL to compute Max Ord in Feet MSL and GTL in degrees- Input validity checking- Blackout / Night Vision mode- Follow mission with visual, audio, and vibration queues to load and fire rounds- Low CPU use, and with OLED phones (ie. most Samsung phones), low screen power consumptionYou phone uses carrier network time, which practically identical to GPS time, making it an accurate timing device for firing SEAD missions. Loading alerts are given 7, 10, or 12 seconds before firing, and the load/fire alerts are given 1 second ahead of time. NOTE: GPS is not required to calculate max ord. If disabled or your device does not provide accuracy information, you will fill it in manually. Touching the entry for gun altitude will disable GPS and set it to manual mode. To save battery, after an accurate fix is obtained, GPS will be turned off. The GPS altitude shown is the GPS altitude PLUS the margin of error. This means the computed max ord will always be just slightly higher than actual for safety since we would rather like to avoid collisions between the rounds and the birds. Permissions:- Network: Used to send diagnostic information and issue/suggestion reports. PLEASE NOTE: An internet connection is NOT required for this app to function. It will check for a connection and disabled these functions if it is not available. GPS/Location: If enabled, used to auto fill gun altitude (since FDC is usually located with the guns) - Photos/Media/Files: Used for upload of screenshots with problem reports and saving logs- Control vibration: Vibration alertsAlways ad-free: costs are partially covered by charging a small amount. This app is only available in US English. Tested devices: Samsung Galaxy S5, Nexus 7We welcome feedback, or ideas for more helpful tools like this. Semper Fi gents. Every effort has been made to make this an accurate and precise tool, however, this is not certified for use by the DoD, and you may need RSO/OIC or higher approval to use this during a live fire mission. Also, the creator of this cannot be held liable for any use of this app in any scenario.
Operating System Android