A powerful and customizable randomizer for the setup of the Legendary deck-building game from Upper Deck. The app allows you to set what is and is not randomized as well as automating any required selections and conditions. Features: Simple and easy-to-use interface. Mix and match preset with random elements. Allows both inclusion presets as well as exclusion presets. Automatically adds/sets required elements such as villains. Gives other setup notes such as bystanders and extra cards. Up-to-date support for newest expansions (including Secret Wars vol 2). Save/Load setups and keep track of scoresDevelopment of the app will continue as long as users want new features and expansions for the game continue to be released. Please e-mail me any bugs/issues you find and I will fix them promptly. You can also email me with questions, comments, or suggestions. Please note that content from new expansions is added as soon as I can. This usually happens within a couple days and should never take more than a few weeks.
Operating System Android