Scope - 3D Panoramas in VR

IrisVR's Scope app lets you view VR panoramas on your phone using a Google Cardboard. This app fully supports stereoscopic renderings generated with V-Ray, OTOY's Octane Render, and Lumion. In order to use this app, you will need to create an account. Once logged in at, the Scope Library makes it easy for you to upload and manage rendered panoramas. In the Scope app you'll be able to download and view those images individually or in groups. This tutorial video (https://youtu. be/elqX1yruAnI) from Chaos Group shows one process to create your own images for our VR viewer. Once your images are rendered, log in to http:// to sync them with your account. Scope also includes beautiful demo content created by Bertrand Benoit and Aldo Garcia, rendered with Chaos Group's V-ray. Don't have a Google Cardboard? Order one at http:// and use IRISVR as your discount code to save 10% on any order. For years, two-dimensional renderings have been used by designers and architects to demonstrate their creations. Virtual reality adds another dimension to the experience, giving viewers a true sense of scale and depth while providing the freedom to move their head and observe their surroundings. Viewing complex scenes on mobile platforms can be tricky due to the relatively low computing power of most phones, but with stereoscopic panoramas, users can experience photorealistic quality with complex scenes. With this app, you'll be able to view the full capability of stereoscopic panoramas in VR. You'll even be able to upload your own panoramas to your Scope Library and view them easily on your Google Cardboard. Virtual reality isn't tethered by heavy computers and bulky kits anymore; with Scope, VR goes wherever your phone does.
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