Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard, remote desktop and trackpad using WiFi Mouse. it enables you to control your PC, MAC or HTPC effortlessly through a local network connection. You can relax on the sofa and control playing movie in the comfort of your own home. What can WiFi Mouse do for you. Wireless mouseSupport mouse left/right click and scroll? Wireless keyboardSupport Android system keyboard and simulate computer keyboard? Wireless joystickGame controller for control your computer games? Another computerOperate your computer like in front of a computer (support RDP)? Computer controllersControl media player, internet explorer, Presentation, windows, even shutdown your computer. WiFi Mouse features:? Mouse movement and click? Make scrolling? Android keyboard or simulate full screen computer keyboard? Voice to text to computer? Many gesturesTap, double tap, two fingers slide, three fingers drag and drop, four fingers slide? Computer applications list and start? Media controllerControl many media player applications? Presentation controllerControl PPT, Keynote? Shutdown Shutdown, restart, and logout your computer? Handwriting gestures Handwriting gestures to control window, media player or presentation.compatible with Windows/Mac OSX/Linux (Ubuntu). Please Notes:? Please download mouse server and install it from our official website http://wifimouse. necta. usFacebook
Operating System Android