Kid-Safe Devices in Just 3 Easy Steps. 1. Create a child's profile and add kid-friendly apps to it. 2. Pick a wallpaper your child will love. 3. Set a secret PIN and lock the device. Your child can now only use the apps you picked for the profile. Kids Zone is a parental lock that ensures kids use only the child-friendly apps you choose. In three easy steps parents can prevent children from accessing any unwanted apps or phone/tablet functions. Our parental lock protects your child & your device by locking kids into a safe Kids Zone that contains only children's apps that you approve. Limit Children's Play Time with Time-outsWhen time-outs are enabled parents can set a total device time limit. When the time limit is up, parent's must re-enable use of the device before kids can play again. The Ultimate Parental Lock & ControlKids Zone is the ultimate parenting control. Besides restricting access to only kid's apps and limiting the amount of time kids can play, Kids Zone's app lock will also: Relock the device automatically if it's rebooted. Block children from making phone calls or texts. Automatically reload apps for small children (Pro Version). Prevent access to the Internet and block ad clicks. Block in-app purchases or app installs. Prevent kid's apps hidden on your phone from being opened. Block access to Home, notifications, system menus, all device settings and personal dataOther Great App Lock Features. Choose a wallpaper for each child's profile. Create profiles of children's apps for each child (Pro Version). Create a custom PIN required to unlock your device & the app's preferences. Can remove default PIN so Teens can't unlock the device. Kids Zone analyzes apps on your phone for kid-friendly apps. Quick Unlock allows parents to quickly take incoming calls (Pro Version) Permissions - Why They're NeededInternet connection - Internet is necessary for Google Play licensing requests. Internet will not be available to your child unless you add a web browser or other Internet app. Phone Calls - This permission allows the app lock to monitor incoming phone calls. If a phone call is detected, a quick unlock screen is shown to allow you to easily answer the call. Kids Zone never makes any phone calls, nor accesses your phone records, it only detects incoming calls for your convenience. System Tools - These tools are used to monitor your device for running apps and ensures that only children's apps are loaded. Kids Zone draws over locked apps to prevent them from being accessed, and finally, the device is kept awake so that you and your child aren't bothered by lock screens.
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