SalientEye Home Security Alarm

Your android device is 3 clicks away from becoming a home security alarm system. Listen to our users:"Best motion detection app", "Email was sent in a matter of seconds", "Simple and excellent. ", "Smooth and accurate", "Great for my rented apartment". Turn your android smartphone or tablet into a motion detector burglar alarm system. Salient Eye turns any android device into a full home camera security system. The Salient Eye application uses your phone's camera to sense motion and makes alarm sounds when a break-in occurs. Salient Eye home security app catches intruders red-handed and immediately sends you pictures via email and SMS. No need to provide your email password. No need to register - No Facebook, no nothing. Protect your home or office with Salient Eye, the easy and affordable app that prevents burglaries and intrusions. MAIN FEATURES:? Captures pictures on motion detection? SMS and email alerts (optional)? Push notification alerts (optional, requires registration and remote control app: remote. Sounds alarm (optional)? Scheduler - pre set the days and hours in which the system will start and stop automatically? Auto active of led light (=Flash) on low light conditions? Photos are available immediately online (optional)? Start/Stop/Take picture remotely (optional, requires subscription on the remote control app: remote. Keeps working when screen is turned off? Password Protection? Works up to 10 hours with no power supply (on battery)? Very easy to setup and useUse Salient Eye home security application to turn any unused android tablet or smartphone into an affordable fully functional alarm system against burglars break-ins. Use Salient Eye on your primary phone to secure your stuff when you are sleeping, at home or away. Permissions:Storage - for saving the picturesSMS - for sending sms alerts (optional) System tools - keep running and using the camera and the Internet when the screen is lockedInternet Network and Wi-Fi - service connection, uploading images and sending emailsCamera/Hardware - using the camera to detect motion and take picturesBattery stats - for notifying on low battery (optional) Terms of Service: http:// html.
Operating System Android