Too lazy or hands are tied to answer an incoming call? When you receive an incoming call or make an outgoing call, have the ability to turn your mobile device's loudspeaker with maximum volume from your android wearable. This app allows you to keep your hands busy on tasks such as cooking, driving or even just stay sitting on your sofa without having to get up to pick up the phone. 3 STANDARD OPTIONS:? ASK ME FIRST- When a call is accepted or when a call is made, an option is shown on your wearable to turn on the loudspeaker. SPEAKER ON - All incoming / outgoing calls will automatically be placed on loudspeaker. SPEAKER OFF - Disable Wear Speaker. 5 ADVANCED OPTIONS:? Dial number or select Contacts from wearable. Call Favorites from wearable. Call Recents from wearable. Switch speaker on and off during an active call and the ability to end an active call. Switch mic on and off during an active call. UPGRADE ISSUESIf you are upgrading Wear Speaker and you do NOT see the new Wear Speaker app with its new settings (i. e. the old version is still on the wearable) then you must perform these two steps:UNINSTALL: 'Wear Speaker' app and the 'Android Wear' app (the one from Google) REINSTALL: 'Android Wear' app and the 'Wear Speaker' app. The 'Android Wear' app from Google sometimes keeps the old version of apps that are supposed to be upgraded and refreshed to the wearable. INSTALL FIRST TIME ISSUES:If you are installing the app for the first time, the corresponding app might not appear on the wearable. If you do NOT see the Wear Speaker app on your wearable, please open the Android Wear app from Google, go to settings, scroll to the bottom and then click 'RE SYNC APPS'. Allow the re-syncing to finish and check the wearable a few times to see if the Wear Speaker app is also on the watch. Android Wear - Making life with your Android Wear easier to answer calls. Android Wearable - Works with all Android Wear devices.
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