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Digital Scale proved to be a pleasant surprise - iSpazio. net"To my surprise, it's not snake oil: The digital scale does actually weigh things. " - CultOfMac.comHave you ever needed a real digital scale? Do you like gadgets? Do you weigh things often? Would you make use of digital scale app? If yes, our mobile scale app is perfect for you. Great as a digital scale in kitchen, useful for experiments in which real scale is required, awesome as a digital scale for jewelry. The first and only real working digital scale mobile app for mobile phones and tablets. DIGITAL SCALE real weighing scale - new real mobile scale appDigital Scale - weighing scale app is a digital mobile scale app which is weighing in grams and ounces for all devices. If you like Weed Scale app and find it useful please show your support for the developer and download Digital Scale - mobile scale app. This Digital Scale - mobile scale app is a real scale, its not a joke. The digital mobile scale works great on all Android devices. It's perfect for measuring weight of small things, weighing few grams like diamonds, jewelry, coins, gold, silver. If you need a scale for weighing small things with couple grams weight this scale app is for you. It is not a joke. It is a real scale app for Android mobiles. When instructions are followed measures are the same as on real digital scale. Install this mobile digital scale app today and have you pocket digital scale always with you. If you would like to test the scale first you can download free version of our mobile scale app - the Weed Scale app. HOW DOES DIGITAL SCALE - REAL WEIGHING SCALE APP WORKS? - Digital Scale results are displayed in grams (g) and ounces (oz). The real scale app is 100% ads free. We have improved the scale working. It's has even higher accuracy than before- You pay only once and get unlimited number of mobile scale uses. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT DIGITAL SCALE - MOBILE SCALE APP USAGE:- For proper working of mobile scale app your mobile device must be equipped with at least accelerometer (preferably gyroscope) - this means that this digital scale app should work on almost every android device. Instructions must be strictly followed in order to have accurate result similar to real mobile digital scale. The more gently you use the mobile scale application, the more accurate weighing scale results you will be. LET'S START WEIGHING STUFFS WITH YOUR NEW, REAL SCALE - DIGITAL REAL SCALE APP:Please prepare a coin (0, 2 EUR, 0, 05 USD, 100JPY, 0, 2 GBP or 1 PLN) and an inflated bag (zip bag or pack of chips are the most proper for optimal real weighing scale working). DIGITAL SCALE - mobile scale app instructions:1. Put your device on an inflated bag. 2. Press "PRESS to calibrate" button and wait until the "calibration ... please wait" communicate will disappear. 3. After calibration process is done gently place a coin in the middle of the top/bottom area of your mobile phone and once again wait until it is done. 4. Gently place an object you would like to weigh with weighing scale app on the coin and wait until the result shows up on the wheel. IMPORTANT TIPS FROM DIGITAL SCALE - WEIGHING REAL SCALE APP DEVELOPER:- Always put the bag on the "still" surface like floor or table (avoid moves which could induce vibrations of the surface - this can cause malfunctioning of the digital scale weighing scale app). Do not touch the bag or mobile phone while placing coin and objects you want to weigh with scale app.
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