This app works with Ring Plus mobile phone service. Note: The app name has changed. R+Dashboard (old name) is now RP Samara (new name). Main Features?. Current usages and account balance?. Add-on and promo info?. Estimated overage costs?. Account and device info?. Detailed history for calls, texts, and data?. Alerts for minutes, texts, data, balance, and plan renewal?. Usage forecast for predicting month-end costsPremium Upgrade?. Unlocks all app features?. Unlimited premium access, no restrictionsNote: App can be installed on multiple Android devices. One premium upgrade allows premium on all devices (app must be installed under the same Google account). Free Users?. Access to most features with a few restrictions?. History limited to one week?. Usage alerts limited to one alert per phone number?. No usage forecast?. No overage cost estimatesHow It WorksThis app uses the RingPlus Developer API (https://docs. ringplus. net). When the app first launches, you are redirected to the Ring Plus website to authorize RP Samara. Once you grant authorization, the app will download and display your RingPlus information and help you monitor your usage. RP Samara respects your privacy. Your username & password are never seen, handled, or stored by the app. You have complete control over your data. If you ever want to stop the app from accessing your RingPlus account, simply revoke authorization from the Ring Plus website (go to Preferences > Applications > Revoke Access). An Nth Circle ProductThis app is third-party software. Nth Circle is an independent developer and not affiliated with RingPlus. Please visit the Ring Plus user forums for the latest discussions related to this app: https://social. ringplus. net/discussion/2807/rp-samara-v2-3-android-app-for-ringplus.
Operating System Android