Digital Alarm Clock is a reliable, stylish and easy to use speaking alarm clock & widget that can be customised to your needs. The alarm clock that wakes you in the morning can have an impact on the rest of your day and we know that most people prefer to be woken with a different alarm on a weekend to that of a working day. Digital Alarm Clock offers you this functionality and much more. Digital Alarm Clock FREE Features> ALARM OPTIONS - Each alarm can be individually customised. Built in tones or wake to your own music. Fade in alarm. Nap Timer on main display means you can set a quick alarm in just 2 clicks. Shake to snooze, number of snoozes, custom snooze time. One off alarm, recurring alarm, date alarm> DISPLAY OPTIONS - Completely customisable. Day & Night mode with individual brightness and volume settings. Built in nightlight softly illuminates the whole screen. Anti Burn moves the clock to look after your display. Optional day, date, seconds, AM/PM indicator, flashing separator. Select your preferred date format. Choose from over 16 million colours & several display fonts. Fits to the size of your screen or pinch to resize> EXTRA FUNCTIONALITY - We have thought of everything. Speaking Clock. Simply tap to hear the time (requires TTS engine on device). Silence notifications ensuring a peaceful sleep. Automatically launches when charging or docked for bedside use. Alarm clock automatically closes when the charger is unplugged or undocked. Handy widget allows you to see the time in style on your homescreen and quickly access the alarms screen. ImportantTask killer applications can interfere with alarm clock applications. If you experience issues with alarms not activating and you use task-killing applications then you must add Digital Alarm Clock to the whitelist. PermissionsAll permissions required are requested for legitimate use by the application and further information can be found at https://squarenotch.
Operating System Android