THE RIDESHARE GUY lists Rideshare Timer as one of the "12 Must-Have Apps For Rideshare Drivers". Rideshare Timer was made FOR drivers. BY drivers & is now sold in 13 countriesWith, yet another round of nation wide rate cuts. you can't afford to wait longer than you should. "This app is a must for rideshare drivers. Start the clock, send the text and wait. all at the same time. I am excited I found this app. " -Kent (UberX/XL, Lyft) "Paid for itself after only one night of driving. Love it. " -Mike (UberX/XL, Lyft) Drivers never want to cancel; but, your time is valuable. And, with Uber and Lyft cutting rates to compete for market share. YOU (the driver) are really the only one losing. When you arrive and use the clock in your vehicle, you end up waiting too long or not long enough. Rideshare Timer turns the guessing into money. One cancel fee pays for the app. the rest is profit. Rideshare Timer eliminates guessing at how long you've been waiting. No more switching between apps, devices or stopwatches. The Rideshare Timer widget can be placed anywhere on the same screen that you use for Uber/Lyft. and it's always visible. Also, it can automatically (optional) send a text message to your passengers with your personal message. helping you make contact with them faster. Use one message for everyday pickups & use the other one for major events like concerts, festivals, sporting events. and more. Or use one for Uber & the other for Lyft~SAVE TIME & STEPS, BY AUTO-TEXTING YOUR PASSENGERS~NEVER WORRY ABOUT TICKETS FOR TEXTING & DRIVING~TWO MESSAGES & NUMBERS ALLOW YOU TO CHOOSE WHICH MESSAGE IS SENT~TIMER IS ALWAYS VISIBLE ON TOP OF YOUR APPS~RESIZE IT TO FIT YOUR NEEDS~USE THE "COMMUTE" TIMER TO TRACK YOUR DRIVE-TO TIME & KNOW WHEN YOU SHOULD COLLECT A CANCEL FEE, WHEN THE RIDER CANCELS AFTER FIVE MINUTES. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU WANT TO USE THE AUTO-TEXT FEATURE, YOU MUST HAVE A CARRIER THAT ALLOWS REGULAR SMS. SOME DISCOUNT CARRIERS ONLY ALLOW SMS THROUGH PROPRIETARY MESSAGING APPS THAT USE DATA.
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