Receive a notification on your Android device when you've missed a call or have a new voicemail in your Ooma mailbox, and listen to the message right from your phone. Ooma is a a great service that provides free nationwide calling (http://bit. ly/14dCrYJ) and is required to use this app. Features:- Will alert you even if your device is sleeping. - Configurable polling interval + ringtone. View the phone number, caller ID info (if available), or the custom name set up on my. Tap to play. For missed calls, return the call by tapping the notification. Android 4. 1 (Jelly Bean) users get expanded notifications: return the call or share/email VM from the notice. Checks phone number against your device phone book, displaying contact name and picture, if available. Works with both the Ooma Basic service as well as the Premier account. After configuring for the first time, the app will download any VMs in your Ooma inbox (up to 10). If you don't want to receive 10 notifications, clear your Ooma inbox on my. first. Requires a MP3 playing app, such as Google Play Music (free), and active Ooma service. Voicemail Checker for Ooma was not created nor endorsed by Ooma. Ooma is a registered trademark of Ooma, Inc.
Operating System Android