Bump Controller Charge Control Software allows you to remotely monitor and control your Bump Controller from an Android phone or tablet using a Bluetooth Low Energy wireless link. RELEASE 2. 01 INCLUDES:- Real-time monitoring, control, and charge setup of all 4 connected PowerLabs at the same time- Automatic Bump Controller firmware upgrades over Bluetooth- Quick BumpTag setup (faster data input) - Quick Manual setup (faster data input) - BumpTag scanning from mobile device (NFC support required on mobile device) FUTURE FEATURES:- Automatic upload and storage of battery charge graphs- History, reporting, graphing of battery charge graphs- Battery performance trending charts- PowerLab options/settings management (like Windows CCS for PowerLab) - PowerLab preset creation and configuration (like Windows CCS for PowerLab) - PowerLab firmware upgrades (like Windows CCS for PowerLab) - USB communication support (except for Apple iOS) - Multiple connected Bump Controllers at the same time over Bluetooth- Apple iOS version- Windows 10 version. And lots of smaller features that will get sprinkled in as customers request themThe app will NEVER include advertising and will NEVER use in-app purchases for "premium" features. Your initial buying price will include all new features for the life of the product. We are also extending the standard Google Play "buyers remorse" return/refund policy (2 hours) to a full 6 months to make sure you have plenty of time to evaluate the current capabilities, as well as the new stuff we will be adding along the way. We believe you'll find that the app is well worth the asking price, especially as the new features roll out throughout 2016 and beyond. This initial $9. 99 promotional price will increase as new features are added, but once you purchase, you'll get all new features that follow without paying extra. So the sooner you get in, the lower the price - that's our reward for the early adopters. PLEASE use the contact link to provide us with feedback on how the app is working for you. Let us know if you are having compatibility problems on a certain device and we'll do our best to fix them. Let us know what new features you'd like to see added and we'll put it on our roadmap for consideration.
Operating System Android