See in numbers exactly how much battery your phone has left with these adorable widgets. Display your remaining battery as a percentage to know precisely how much time you have left. Contains 21 widgets altogether. Just install them to your home screen to enjoy their adorable cute designs. Can also show your battery life in the status bardWidget size: Size 1? 1? What's more, if you buy our SWEET Style app now you'll get free wallpaper images, too. Download several different wallpapers designed for girls, for free. Increase your girl power with these cute Home Screen wallpapers d? How to Install the Widget? 1. Hold down your finger on the home screen. > 2. Tap "Widget"? >? 3. Select the app from the Widget List? Remember to hold down your finger on a clear space without any other icons etc. Terms of Use. This application includes its own widgets, but if you are using the app from an SD card, the Android OS will not permit use of these widgets. When using the widget, please ensure you have chosen "Save to Device" during app installation. Transferring the App to your Device from an SD Card? 1. Settings? >? 2. Apps >? 3. Manage Apps? >4. Select " Cute Battery Widget"? >? 5. Select "Move to Device"? Depending on your Android device, the widget may not be available to select from the Widget List immediately after it has been transferred to the device from an SD Card. Should this happen, please restart your device and try again.
Operating System Android