Remote Control Universal TV

Simple and easy to use, super universal remote for the TV or TV lets you control your TV quickly and easily. You only have to configure it with the steps listed you. It supports most devices in 2016, so it is a new application to play a prank on your friends. How to use1. Connect your phone and your television and open the application. You will have to select the TV model, we are working to bring new devices. 2. Switch on the same network access if a SMART TV, or other smart TV. 3. Use the buttons on and off, plus many more features. This application is compatible with:1. LG TV remote control2. Samsung TV Remote Control3. Remote Control for Sony TV4. Vizio TV Remote Control5. Remote Control for Panasonic TV6. Remote Control for Sharp TVAttention:This application is currently not compatible with all TVs on the market, if it fails, please be patient and inform us your TV model and we will try to update our application to increase compatibility. We will welcome any comments and is also appreciated.
Operating System Android