This app requires ROOT access. Please ensure you have a ROOTED device. UPSM+ or Ultra Power Saving Mode Plus has one specific function - allows you to easily add more useful or important apps to the Ultra Power Saving Mode feature (UPSM) of your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet. UPSM+ has a permission manager that allows you to define how a specific app behaves in UPSM mode. For example, the Music Player can continue playing even when the screen is off if you tick the relevant permission. Please note though that permission management does not work on all devices because of differences in how they were implemented by Samsung. This app only adds selected apps to the UPSM app list and has nothing to do with how the UPSM feature work. UPSM is meant for battery saving so please enable only your most useful or important apps. Use with caution and with knowledge of its simple function and limitation. This app is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices that already has the Ultra Power Saving Mode feature. If your device does not have ultra power saving mode, then this app won't work for you. Supported devices include: Galaxy S6Galaxy S6 EdgeGalaxy Note 4Galaxy Note EdgePlease contact us thru the app for support and refunds. tag: upsm manager.
Operating System Android