Turn your phone into a reading light. Ad Free version. Makes the screen of your phone white with adjustable intensity and brightness. To lock the brightness from unintentional taps, use the menu button Lock Brigtness to lock or unlock it. It also has a sleep timer functionality so you can use it and fall asleep while reading, without worrying about your phone's battery running out. Just select one of the options from the menu. Very useful to read, find objects in the dark, when you can't turn on the lights, or don't have one handy. To adjust brightness and intensity, just tap the screen and it rotates through different levels. After you reached the maximum brightness it will rotate back to the lowest level. Just tap until you find a setting that works for you. Uses include reading in situations where you don't want to bother other people, or looking for things in a dark environment, signaling to other people in the dark, etc. Have fun with it. New. Increased brightness in the last levels to the max available in your phone.
Operating System Android