Unit converter is a tool in the extended set of the Smart Tools collection. Currency (money) exchange feature is added. There are already a lot of unit conversion apps on the market. However, most are inconvenient and difficult to use because of a poor and complicated UI. This unit app is intuitive and simple with a beautiful, and it has an optimized UI that is designed for casual user like you. Try it out. This app has 30+ categories with essential units for your daily life. Supported Units list - Basic : length (distance), area, weight (mass), volume (capacity) - Living : exchange rate, temperature, time, speed, shoes, clothing, hat - Science : pressure, force, work (energy), power, torque, flow, density, viscosity, current, voltage, astronomy - Misc. : angle, data, fuel efficiency, cooking, illuminance, radiation, prefix, binary, time zone, blood sugar, AWGIt supports customized units automatically according to your country and landscape mode for tablet PC. When you have any request, please send me an email. androidboy1@gmail.com. Do you want more features and ad-free version? Get [Unit Converter Pro]. For more information, see the manual, Youtube video and the blog. Thank you. Internet connection : to get the latest exchange rates and ads.
Operating System Android