Copy or move your contacts from one account to another. For example: from SIM card or phone to Google, from Facebook. to your Corporate (Exchange), from Google to SIM,. etc. Please read the notes about Facebook contacts and other known issues at the end. Easily and quickly transfer and export contacts from SIM, Phone to any sync account. Copy, Move contacts from one account to another. Optionally update existing contacts to add new phone numbers, emails,. etc- View contacts per sync account in addition to SIM, Phone contacts. Lets you choose the destination account's group. Delete contacts from one account without affected the same contact in another account. Tap and hold a contact to view the contact details. If an account doesn't show any contacts please make sure "Sync contacts" is checked under "Accounts & sync" and click on "Sync now" in your phone settings. Facebook contacts synced by the official app on android 4. 0 or up are not visible. For previous android versions on Samsung and HTC, and maybe others, you can add Facebook contacts by using the Facebook account provided by those phones under "Accounts & sync". We are continuously working to improve this application, so in case you are experiencing any issue please select "Contact us" from the menu and help us improve the application.
Operating System Android