Quipu | BDO Life Skills Tool

Currently on Alpha, Quipu is a simple yet packed with features life skills tool for cooking, alchemy (soon), investments, and more for Black Desert Online (NA/EU). Main Features. Cooking - easily look up recipes for dishes and calculate amount of ingredients for different quantities. Invest - ledger for accounting purposes on all available investment banks. Notes - quickly record important reminders, recipes, etcOther Features. Favorites to quickly access most cooked dishes. Search dishes using keywords. Sort dishes according to cooking skill level, materials/ingredients (soon) and effects (soon) Planned Features. Easier access on ingredients that also require cooking (chain recipes, e. g. Dark Pudding requires Oatmeal which requires cooking too). Price of cooking a dish. Alchemy recipe/calculator. Enhancement calculator. Alarm/timer for farming and other time-sensitive materials. Better UI. Translations. An iOS version. Have an idea? Let me know and I'll see what I can do.
Operating System Android