TxtArchive lets you archive, search and backup text (SMS) messages, so that you can delete them from your inbox, knowing that the ones you want are safe. While continuing to view them on your phone, you can export them to your SD card or email address. Unlike other "backup" or "save to email" applications, TxtArchive is a true archiving system. Messages in your inbox can be copied to an alternate short-term database that resides on your phone. Once archived, you can continue to view the messages even after deleting them from your inbox. This allows you to keep your inbox clean and fast. For long-term safe keeping, you can export the archived messages to your SD card or email address. You can archive and export all of your messages, with the click of a single button, or select individual messages or threads. You choose what and when to archive, how long to keep them on your phone, and what and when to export. All while keeping your inbox clean and fast. We are unaware of any other SMS application that has this capability. Other SMS applications simply backup or copy. They do not archive, first to an accessible database on the device, and then elsewhere for safe keeping - thus the name TxtArchive. For one penny a day, you maintain your privacy by not being subjected to advertising based on the content of your private messages. Try TxtArchive today to save your text messages, speed up your inbox, and take control of your privacy. See below Web page for Important Information. [txt, txts, text, texts, msg, msgs, message, messages, sms, mms, archive, backup]. Todo Application. If you are looking for an excellent application to manage your activities, check out Starbelly Software's new Todo application by searching the Android Market for "Starbelly Software" or visit our WEB site and click the link located there. Please consider purchasing from this very responsive and talented Android developer.
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