Turbo Downloader (Turbo Download Manager) is an open-source download manager for Android devices and tables. It can be used to either increase downloading speed up to 10 times or just to stabilize your downloading jobs over unstable networks like 3G and 4G mobile networks. Features:1. Download a single file using multi-segment (multi-thread) requests2. Resume broken downloads on INTERNET failure or network unavailability3. Download a single file from multiple mirrors4. Manage multiple jobs simultaneously5. Resume and pause downloading jobs6. Links:1. Source code for download is available at https://github.com/inbasic/turbo-download-manager/2. For more info about how to use the downloader please visit http://add0n.com/turbo-download-manager. html3. To report bugs or open suggestions either add a comment on discussion section of http://add0n.com/turbo-download-manager. html or open a bug report at https://github.com/inbasic/turbo-download-manager/issuesFAQs:1. Can I use this downloader instead of the native downloader of my browser? Yes, simply long press on a download-able link and press copy. Now open the download interface and then press on the big plus button. Your link is already been inserted in the download link box. Adjust other optional settings and press "Add Job" to let downloader begin fetching file information. 2. Why the downloader fails on some links? Turbo Downloader (Turbo Download Manager) only allow downloading from server which support multi-threading. If multi-threading is not supported, Turbo Downloader fails. Note that a button appears on the failed downloads to let you send the download job to your browser.
Operating System Android