Battery life and performance have become a daily struggle for many of us. Whether you have 10 apps or 100, you may have unnecessary processes stealing life from your battery, and destroying your device's performance potential. Other everyday services such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can also be a detriment. ProcessGURU has several management protocols that can be configured individually, and also highlights what apps may be suspected issues so that you may uninstall and avoid those types of apps in the future. ProcessGURU is not your typical task killer. Task killers historically have had no real intelligence or specificity in what it takes action on, thus actually hurting your battery life instead of helping. Unlike the others, ProcessGURU not only intelligently selects what is acted upon, but also manages other aspects of the android system and hardware interactions that can potentially cause issues. Follow the Developer on Twitter at @ptmr3Keywords: process guru, process manager, task killer, battery saver, performance booster.
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