TracFone Wireless brings you a hassle-free, completely private browsing experience. Enjoy a completely private and simple search experience that is curated for Android devices. Search terms and history are never stored and all information is erased upon exiting the app. Features:? Privacy Search Tab- Enabled in the app's settings. It remains on your screen at all times, but doesn't get in the way, so you can search from whatever screen you are on. Just tap the Privacy Search Tab to activate the search bar? Privacy Search WidgetAdd the Privacy Search Bar to your home screen:- Menu > Add > Privacy SearchOR - Hold down any empty space on your home screen > Widget > Privacy Search? No data saved, ever. In-app video support? Download files, images and videos to your device? Minimalistic design, maximum space for browsingNo History. No Tracking. No Worries. ENJOY. Privacy Search is available for the following phone providers: TracFone, Net10, Tel Cel, Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, and Total Wireless.
Operating System Android