Please update to the new TRENDnet IPView app for your latest TRENDnet cameras.compatible camera models are listed under the app page. The TRENDnetVIEW app brings live video from TRENDnet cameras to your mobile device. The app auto-detects TRENDnet cameras on your local network. See a thumbnail of all of your connected cameras, with a large live view of a single camera. Pinch the viewing field to digitally zoom in and out. Pan and tilt PTZ cameras in real time. A convenient snapshot button stores an image to your mobile device. Hear audio from cameras with a built in microphone. NOTE: TRENDnet CLOUD cameras (TV-IP751xx / TV-IP851xx / TV-IP762IC / TV-IP862IC / TV-IP743SIC / TV-IP745SIC) work with TRENDnets' CloudView app Compatible TRENDnet Cameras: TV-IP110, TV-IP110W, TV-IP110WNTV-IP121W, TV-IP121WNTV-IP252PTV-IP262P, TV-IP262PITV-IP302PITV-IP310PI, TV-IP311PITV-IP312WNTV-IP312PITV-IP320PI, TV-IP321PITV-IP322PTV-IP342PI, TV-IP343PI TV-IP410, TV-IP410W, TV-IP410WNTV-IP422, TV-IP422W, TV-IP422WNTV-IP430PITV-IP450P, TV-IP450PITV-IP501P, TV-IP501WTV-IP512PTV-IP512WNTV-IP522PTV-IP551W, TV-IP551WITV-IP562WITV-IP572P, TV-IP572PI, TV-IP572W, TV-IP572WITV-IP612P, TV-IP612WNTV-IP651W, TV-IP651WITV-IP662PI, TV-IP662WITV-IP672P, TV-IP672PI, TV-IP672W, TV-IP672WILatest firmware is needed to be compatible with the app, visit http:// to check your firmware version is up to date.
Operating System Android