HandsFree Answer Pro License

Important. Thank you for choosing to upgrade HandsFree Answer to Pro version. This is just a license key; it is not an app by itself. This license key, once installed, will turn on the Pro version features of your HandsFree Answer app. The standard version of HandsFree Answer can auto detect driving or bicycling activities for up to 30 days. The Pro version does not have that term limit. Once this license key is installed to your device, your standard version of HandsFree Answer app will be automatically upgraded to Pro version. Do not de-install HandsFree Answer if you already have it installed. After the license key is installed, you will continue to use HandsFree Answer application as before (launched via the HandsFree Answer application icon). If you are installing this license key via HandsFree Answer application, please exit and relaunch the application after the license key is installed.
Operating System Android