An app to simplify control of the TK-102 compatible and similar GPS Tracker devices. Simplifying the creation of SMS text messages to send to and control your device. The app supports the TK102, TK103, TK104, TK105, TK106 devices and any other trackers that use the same protocols. Additional protocols/devices can be added by request. See the support page for more information. The app supports multiple devices and regularly used stockade settings can be saved, viewed and activated. The app supports the following functions (depending on the device support). - Stockade or Geo Fence: Define, view and activate stockade areas, sending you an alert should the tracker move outside the defined area. Shock: Turn the shock sensor on so you will be notified if the unit (or your vehicle) is disturbed. Move: Notify you if the tracker (or your vehicle) changes position while armed. Track: Receive regular updates of the tracker or vehicle position, define the frequency of the updates and how many updates. Status: Monitor the battery life, GPS status, GSM connection status and GPRS status. Locate: Ask the tracker to report it's current position. Remote engine/electrical disable. The app uses SMS messages to communicate with the device. Each SMS message generated can be displayed to the user before sending based on the device preference in the app.
Operating System Android