PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO TO SEE HOW IT WORKS. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR NEED HELP PLEASE CONTACT US- and click on the youtube link at the bottom. Placard Wizard Mobile helps eliminate fines like failure to properly placard your container and failure to properly segregate your hazardous materials. Fines start at $1, 000 and can go as high as $250, 000. Placard Wizard Mobile is designed to produce the minimal amount of placards for 49 CFR compliance. Fewer Placards, generally translates to Fewer Questions. License: You may install and use Placard Wizard Mobile on one device at a time. If you are a business you need to purchase a copy for each device that you have Placard Wizard Mobile installed on. Features:-Add Multiple Loads-Remove Loads-Automatically adds subsidiaries-Displays Placards-Displays Segregation WarningsInstructions:1. Tap the + button in the upper right corner of the Hazmat List screen2. From the Class Screen use the Drop Down Spinner to select the class name. i. e Flammable Gas 2 13. Type in a UN Number i. e. UN35044. Type in Non Bulk as applicable i. e. 25005. Type in Bulk as applicable i. e. 06. Tap Back7. Tap the Diamond Button on the Hazmat List Screen - Displays Placard Images8. Tap the Diamond Button with the three Lines in it - Displays Placard Names and Segregation Warnings9. Tap the Trash Button on the Hazmat List screen to reset the Hazmat List.
Operating System Android