This application allows you to define the location of your smartphone manually. The application is perfect to be used by developers for testing purposes or simply to transmit a wrong position to other applications. But that`s not all. Some of the features: - G-Sensor Mode - move around by tilting your smartphone- The location can be chosen on a map or via GPS coordinates- Teleport and movement-function (Simulation of smartphone-movement with arbitrary speed) - Routes (routes can be easily created and either "walked" once or repeatedly) - Randomized positions- Save, load, import or export positions and routes- Background-service (the process of moving occurs in the background, even if another app is active) - Works as a normal app without root-rights (mock positions in developing options activated) or as system-app without the developer-optionHow does it work? 1. Activate "Allow mock locations" in the developer-options 2. Start using the app OR: 1. Install the app as a system-app ("mock locations" not required) 2. Start using the app This application is designed for developers who want to test other location-dependent functions. I am not in charge of caused damages during installation or use of the application and do not assume any liability. In case of bugs, requests or other questions feel free to contact me. Please visit my support forum for more information: forum. apps-madeingermany. de.
Operating System Android