Central for DayZ - Pro Unlock

This is the Pro Unlocker ONLY. You NEED to download the Central for DayZ app. It unlocks the following: Loot and Building locations - Including:Crash Sites - Car, Helicopter, and TrucksIndustrial - Construction Sites, Fuel Stations, and GaragesLandmarks - Castles, Churches, Dams, Lighthouses, Radio Towers, Watch Towers, and Water TowersMedical - Health Centers, Hospitals, and Medical TentsMilitary - ATC Towers, Barracks, Fire Stations, Police Stations, Prisons, and TentsUrban - Apartments, Civilian Barracks, Houses, Offices, Pubs, and SupermarketsRural - Barns, Boats, Greenhouses, Deer Stands, and Deer HutsVehicles - V3S Cargo, and V3S ChassisWater Sources - Pumps, and PondsSide-by-Side Compare - Compare items side-by-side and figure out which is the better take Awesome thanks to DayZWiki & DayZDB for the content, the Community for helping out so much, and Dan Clarke for the DZC logos. Please email feedback@skunkfu. net for help with any suggestions, bugs or issues. Thanks. Feature graphic credit: amstoneberger (reddit) Central for DayZ is an unofficial application. All maps, images, and sounds of items are obtained from publicly available sources, and are viewed freely within the app. Copyright 2016 Bohemia Interactive. All Rights Reserved. - http:// www.bistudio.com/ DayZ created by Dean Hall 2012-2016 - http:// www.dayz.com/.
Operating System Android