Start your next Raspberry Pi project or prototype right from your phone with Cayenne IoT project builder. Download Cayenne straight to your Android smartphone and start your project in a fraction of the time. You can add, manage and control all sorts of sensors and actuators from your phone's dashboard with drag and drop widgets. Features include: Discovery and setup all Raspberry Pis in your network? Cayenne discovers your Pis and sets them up to be managed remotelyCreate a custom dashboard with drag and drop widget? Customize the look of your projects with a fully flexible dashboardAdd sensors, actuators, and extensions? View and control the hardware connected to your projectMonitor data and remote control your devices and projects? Discover different ways to visualize data and control your connected hardwareRemote control sensors/actuators with the dashboard GPIO? Control your Pi's GPIO pins using easy toggle buttons and switchesEasily set up triggers and actions for your projects? Automate your project with easy to create if/then statementsMultiple projects? Manage all your Raspberry Pi projects from one accountRemote access your Pi from your mobile phone or computer? View CPU, disk usage, RAM and moreRemote commands? Reboot, shutdown, remote access, and configure your Pi from anywhereCheck out or community of makers using Cayenne: http://community. Android app only works on Android smartphones. Tablet support will be added in a future release. Scheduling feature is not implemented on Android yet. This will be added in a future release.
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