The leading web-based pool calculator ( brought to you in mobile form. Looking for help with calculations while you're adjusting your swimming pool chemistry? The Pool Calculator does all the math for you, telling you exactly how much of each chemical to add to keep your water in balance. No more puzzling over complicated charts and formulas. Get the exact answer in one step. Bring your Android Device out to the pool and have all the chemical information and calculations you need right at your fingertips. Also includes useful basic pool chemistry information. Available calculations include:- Chlorine (FC) - Raising and lowering pH- Total alkalinity (TA) - Calcium hardness (CH) - Stabilizer (CYA or cyanuric acid) - Salt- Borate (Borax) - Calcium saturation index (CSI, similar to LSI) (Coming Soon) - Recommended ranges for each chemical level (Relased in Version 2) - Volume US, metric, and Imperial units available. Simply enter your swimming pool volume, current test results and preferred chemicals, and ThePool Calculator will calculate exactly how much of each chemical you need to add to get your water into perfect balance.
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