Parted4Android (SD Partition)

Rooted app for SD Card that provides safe and easy management of SD Card partitions. This app supports management of both primary and logical partitions. It also allows you to create, format, mount, un-mount, backup, restore and delete SD Card partitions with a simple and clear graphical form. App also supports both MBR and GPT partition table format. Requirements: root permission with Su binary. Free Features: Ad free - No ads, I hate them too. Create up-to two primary partitions. Format new partition with FAT32 and ext2FS. Refresh button for quick on-demand view. No reboot needed. Mount partition on a specific mount point. Delete unwanted individual partition. View partition sector Information. Display overall SD-Card and Individual partition sizes. Auto-mount partitions after reboot. Explore all partition as a Pie Chart. Individual partition pie slice with action menu. Erase all partitions. Option to Reboot the device. List available block devices. Supports Android internal partitions. (Experimental) After an In-app purchase you can unlock the following features: Create up-to 3 primary partitions. Create up-to 128 primary partitions. (GPT). Assign label/name to partitions. (GPT). Create unlimited logical partitions. (yeah, its supported). Format, delete, un-mount unlimited partitions. Auto-mount multiple partitions at boot time. Backup primary and extended partition table. Restore primary and extended partition table. Support for ext3FS, ext4FS format. Support for un-mount partition. Verify partition mount status. Single click to create multiple partitions. (from v0. 0. 1. 4). Email-Support for partition related issues. Please a take minute to read below polices:Download policy: Please remember this app works only with root permission/rooted phones. If you don't know about rooted apps, then most likely this app will not work on your mobile. Please save your bandwidth :-) Purchase policy: This is a highly technical app, it mayn't work with certain devices. I would highly recommend you to play with free version and ensure it works on your device before considering upgrade. Refund policy: If you're unsatisfied for any reason, you can cancel your plan within the first 7 days and request a full refund, no questions asked. Status: This app is heavily under development, tested only with Android Kitkat. Please provide your support with valuable feedback or bug reports. Bug reports & other queries: If you need reply please write to hello@giis. co. in. By default, Android doesn't reveal sender email-id with your bug reports. It's impossible to reply you without knowing your email-id ;-) Permissions: Read-Write access to storage device. Internet access if you choose to report a bug via email. Usage Steps: Please remember these steps. Step 1? Setup SD Card device name, Erase the SD Card data using Android Settings menu and Reboot. Step 2? Use free slice to create new partition. Step 3? Use new partition and format the device. Step 4? Now you can perform tasks like mount, unmount, delete, backup and restore. Step 5? Repeat Step-2, 3 or 4 depending on your requirement. Step-1 is very critical, otherwise app may not function properly. Zero Ratings: If you believe this app deserves? (zero rating) you are most welcome. At the same-time, remember zero rating with reviews are more useful for fellow users and developer. It either helps user to save their time or developer to improve the app. Thanks for understanding.
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