Game Controller 2 Touch Pro is the most feature rich, refined and easy to use, premium Touch Emulation software. It allows for using any USB/Bluetooth Game Controller/Gamepad to control Android games through Touch Emulation. Turn any Touch-Screen game to a completely Game Controller supported one. Get precise control over your games. Win Online Battles. And much more. Download the Most Viral Free Game of the Season -> Does it Fly? : https://goo. gl/rJEVZMIMPORTANT: ANDROID 6. 0 MARSHMALLOW NOT SUPPORTED. Root Access required with the latest SuperSU. New Features : Relative Touch[Camera Movement] System- Automatic Profiles Switch- Now supports all HID Game Controllers - Background Image Profile Tag- Material Design User Interface- Momentary Key Press- 8-Way DPAD- Refined 8 -way Swipe mechanism- Integrated Gamepad testing interface- Easier setup compared to predecessor. 4x-5x sized Analog Sticks, Buttons for Touch Profile Editor. Universal Virtual Touch Screen DriverTested Game Controllers : Wireless & Wired Xbox 360 ControllerWired PS4 Dual Shock 4All iPega ControllersAll Logitech ControllersAll Moga Controllers including the New Moga Pro Power and Hero Power[HID MODE]Nyko PlayPad/ProOuya ControllerMad Catz ControllerSamsung GamepadSteelSeriesnVidia Shield's GamepadWired PS4 & PS3 ControllersSnakebyte iDroidGreen Throttle AtlasG910Some Fake Dual Shock 3. NOTE: Game Controller 2 Touch PRO supports lot more Controllers compared to Non-PRO. This list is NOT an exhaustive one. Just some Controllers the Developer has been able to test personally. Tested Devices List : http://goo. gl/IvQder User Manual: https://goo. gl/092f6oRead the User Manual thoroughly & please contact at android. for assistance, before putting up a negative review.
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