OS AppLock Theme - Water Drop

This theme is part of OS AppLock app. Download this OS AppLock link first then use this theme on it :- https://goo. gl/8yQR4T. Water drop OS AppLock theme is very smooth working on pin lock and pattern lock. We can use different beautiful Water drop lock screen and Dew drop theme. Why we choose OS AppLock?. OS AppLock is greatest need of any mobile. Sometimes we keep some things private so we need some protection like app lock. OS AppLock gives us a lot of protection, features and lock all the things of mobile. OS AppLock app is completely free to download. Use of OS AppLock:1) Application lock- You have two ways of application lock. First is individually locked or unlock any app or the entire app together. 2) Different password- OS AppLock have different password of lock the app. PIN lock has on or off button. During lock the app, pin lock is on. - Mix password lock is combination of numbers and characters. It is highly secure password combination. Image lock is three touch of any part of the picture you can lock the app. 3) Backdoor- If backdoor is on, so if you lose the password and open the lock by pressing 4 times volume up key of mobile. This is the clue of crack the own password lock. 4) Hackcaptch- OS AppLock provides the facility of capture the image of hacker. They provide on off facility. 5) WP detail- This is wrong password details must have been entered by wrong person. Using that information, you can know the incorrect password, time and date to be incorrect password. Feel free to send your feedback to us. osapplock@omsquare. inOS AppLock will Give your Trust, get your protection. Website: http:// www.omsquare. in/osapplockGoogle+: https://plus. google.com/communities/117829202573190485683Facebook: http:// www.facebook.com/osapplockTwitter: https://twitter.com/osapplock.
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