New version of the famous Android System Info. Recommended by (http:// Explore and know all system informations of your Android Smartphone. Analyse running process, installed apps, test your multi touch screen, see apps manifest, app certificates, NFC tags analyzer, screen infos, ip adress etc. New WikiDroid screen with infos about android versions history. If you want to help the translation, you can go here:http:// you have any suggestion, you can post them onhttp://androidsysteminfo. android. permission. INTERNETUsed for admob (to get ads) and also for flurry which gives me some infos for bugs tracking. A request can also be made to my server to check if a new version is available. android. permission. READ_PHONE_STATEUsed to read telephony informations for the System tab. android. permission. ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATIONUsed by admob. android. permission. READ_LOGSUsed to read logs for the Logs tab. android. permission. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATEUsed, in the System tab, to access betwork informations. android. permission. GET_PACKAGE_SIZEUsed to know applications informations, for Application Manager tab. android. permission. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEUsed to write logs to the sdcard. android. permission. ACCESS_WIFI_STATEUsed to read wifi informations. android. permission. RESTART_PACKAGESUsed by the task killer feature. android. permission. CAMERAUsed to read camera informations. On some devices (like the motorola droid), accessing to camera info will make some sound.
Operating System Android