This is the unlock key for Synker, The Sync Widget. You must have Synker version 1. 1. 9 or greater installed before purchasing this key. Synker will automatically discover this key and transition to the ad-free mode. NOTE: The unlock key will be unable to successfully validate if 'lucky patcher', a known piracy application, is installed on the target device. Removes Synker Advertisements. Removes Advertisement Blocker Nag Screen. Removes Global Nag Screen. Allow usage of themes not signed by Unlocks Accounts and Sync Inspector. Unlocks Account Auto-sync Settings Tasker/Locale plug-in. More unlocked features... coming soonCheck out the Synker FAQ. http://goo. gl/1s2YZOur YouTube channel with videos including Tasker and Synker as a plug-in. http://goo. gl/3GxMTJoin the Synker beta tester community, for the latest and greatest. http://goo. gl/qunzZ.
Operating System Android