F-Secure KEY Password manager

Keeping track of your passwords has never been easier. F-Secure KEY is an elegant and powerful free app for storing passwords and other personal information. It combines beautiful and intuitive design with military-grade encryption, meaning you don't have to compromise ease for security. F-SECURE KEY FEATURES - FREE. Password Manager: Safely store passwords and other personal info where only you can access them. Password Generator: Generate strong passwords for all your accounts. Elegant design: Elegantly and intuitively designed to be easy on the eyes AND easy to use. Military-grade encryption: Your information is encrypted with iron tight security. 100% reliable: We promise not to track you, trick you or lose your passwords. We have 25 years of experience and a spotless track record to back that up. F-SECURE KEY FEATURES - PREMIUM. Use KEY to access all your password across all devices, using the same master password, easily yet securely. Starting from 1. 20â?¬/month (Android, iOS, PC, Mac). 90% of web users use one password across the web, don't be one of them. From Amazon to Zalando and everything in between, we use an email and password combination for so many websites that if one is hacked, your whole digital life is in the hands of cybercriminals. Keeping track of passwords without the help of a password manager is hard, and we often sacrifice security for convenience. Not anymore. F-Secure KEY is here to help. Never have to remember multiple passwords by setting a Master Password and access all others through it, without needing help to memorize them. Use the app to generate strong passwords for yourself without worrying about keeping track of them. To sync KEY on all your devices and access your password keeper from anywhere, upgrade to KEY PREMIUM. Highly Rated. "Good tool, great app, easy to use". "For the first time in my internet-history, I do have safe passwords". "I love this application. The only password manager I know I can trust"- User reviews Q: WHY SHOULD I USE A PASSWORD MANAGER? Without a password manager, people are likely to use the same password everywhere, as remembering a different one for each service is impractical and difficult. But if hackers have access to one password/email combination, they can use it to take over your digital life. F-Secure KEY is the best free password keeper: it makes storing passwords easy without compromising security. By having all your passwords behind a lock which is easily accessed but only you have the key to, you can set yourself strong passwords without complicating your digital life. Q: IS IT SAFE? Absolutely. All your data is encrypted so only you can access it with your Master Password. It is also completely anonymous so even we could never link you to your passwords. Q: WHERE IS MY DATA STORED? All data is encrypted on your device and on our servers, which are located in Finland, Europe. They are governed by Finnish data protection laws, which are among the strictest in the world. Q CAN ANYONE ELSE ACCESS MY DATA? No. The only way to access it is your own device AND having the Master Password. Even we cannot retrieve your passwords, a design choice to make security as tight as possible. Supported platforms:Android: 4. 0 or more recent iOS 5 or more recent Windows 7 or more recent Mac OS X 10. 7 or more recent Download KEY on other platforms: f-secure.com/keyFeel free to send feedback: googleplay-fskey@f-secure.comCustomer support/Community: http://community. f-secure.com/Read more: http:// www.f-secure.com/keyMore F-Secure apps: Try F-Secure Safe for free. Internet security for all devices. http://bit. ly/1mQvUKaTry F-Secure Freedome for free, become untrackably invisible: http://bit. ly/1hXpLbn.
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