THIS IS THE SWITCH-IT APP FOR YOUR OLD PHONE. Install this application on your OLD PHONE. Switch-it copies your stuff (e. g. calendar entries, contacts, SMS, photos, documents, etc) from your old phone over to your new phone. Switch-it connects your phones directly via WiFi and your stuff gets copied phone to phone without uploading things to the cloud first. Switch-it gives you total control. You choose what gets copied to your new phone from your old phone. Switch-it lets you copy your stuff between different kinds of phone operating systems (supports Android, iOS, and Windows Phone). It doesn't matter what operating system you are copying to or from, Switch-it has you covered and makes it easy to get your stuff copied to where it needs to be. No more waiting in line at your phone carrier's store or getting charged a lot of money to get your stuff copied to your new phone. Use Switch-it and let it take care of copying your stuff to your new phone reliably (oh and fast and cheap). Just install Switch-it on your new and old phone and get started easily. No account creation and no sign up. Install - copy - GO.
Operating System Android