Full functional testing was conducted only on the ATEM Television Studio where we can guarantee 100% quality. For other switches ATEM 1 M/E, ATEM 2 M/E, Production Studio 4K the functionality can be reduced. Requirements: Minimum software version 4. 2 (Firmware 2. 12). The application tested with ATEM Software Control version 6. 3-6. 7 (firmware versions 2. 15-2. 19). Already implemented features:- Transition Control: Change of Program and Preview, Transitions, Fader and etc. Audio Mixer: Change of volume input, view of input audio levels- Preferences: Color Generators, Media Players, Upstream Key- Switcher Settings: Button mapping, Video standart, Labels- Upload media Stills to ATEMWhat will be released in the future:- Switcher Settings: Multi View- Camera Control- AuxHow connect your phone or tablet to ATEM:You need to connect your ATEM to Wi-Fi router with Ethernet cable. After that you need to connect to Wi-Fi router on your device and set your ATEM IP in the App. It is important that IP address of your phone (that is given by DHCP router server) is in the same subnet as your ATEM (for example 192. 168. 1. ). This app does not access, store nor transmit any personal information. The developer of this App is not related to Blackmagic Design. Blackmagic Design is not affiliated with this application and all copywrites and trademarks are owned by Blackmagic Design PTY LTD with all rights reserved. ChangeLog:v0. 6. 0 (19. 03. 2016) Adding preference: TransitionsAdding preference: Downstream Keysv0. 5. 0 (16. 02. 2016) Test version for upload media StillsAdding preference: Media Playersv0. 4. 0 (22. 01. 2016) Adding preferences: Color Generators, Upstream Keyv0. 3. 0 (08. 01. 2016) Change input labelsChange video formatv0. 2. 0 (05. 01. 2016) Change input source for program / preview buttonsv0. 1. 0 (12. 11. 2015) First version.
Operating System Android