FreeNAS Manager is an unofficial management app that can be used to monitor and, to some degree, control a FreeNAS server. It is tested and working on FreeNAS 9. 2, 9. 3 and 9. 10 (see below for version-specific issues). Features:- View basic server info (IP, version etc) - View volumes and their storage space status- Initiate scrub on volumes- View datasets and their storage space status- View jails and their status (running, IP, autostart) - Start/stop jail - Reboot, shutdown and wake (Wake on LAN) server- HTTPS support - including for selfsigned and/or invalid certificates (checkbox in settings) - Button for opening Web GUI in browser- Support for multiple servers- Open jail IP address in browser- View disks- View number of available updates and apply them- View/start/stop plugins- View AlertsPlanned features (not yet implemented) :- View shares and (maybe) allow opening them in external app - Widget- Offline support (show values from last successful connect) - View and run cron jobs- Reporting (graphs). The API of FreeNAS 9. 2 (and earlier) is different, so there are a couple of limitations when using that version:- The server version isn't available, so it is just shown as 9. 2 or earlier. Jails can't be started/stopped- Volume storage is not the sum of all datasets. It is the same on the Web GUI. On FreeNAS 9. 10 starting and stopping a plugin currently doesn't work, which is an bug in FreeNAS. I have reported it and will keep an eye on their progress towards fixing it. Privacy information:This app does not under ANY circumstances contact ANY other server than the one you provided in settings. In other words: Your password (and all other information) is safe - even from me. There are NO ADS - nor will there ever be. Open source? Not yet, but I am strongly considering open sourcing this app. It depends on the support I get from you guys. Why is it not free? Because I don't have that much time for development in my spare time and this is an attempt to save a little for a FreeNAS build. FreeNAS 10? Yes, it will be supporting FreeNAS 10, but the server API is not finished yet (FreeNAS feature #10687). Don't hesitate to contact me If you have any problems, suggestions or comments. If you want to donate money, you can use one the following links. Don't forget to send me your contact info, so I can thank you, and feel free to hint a feature that you would like to see. Paypal: cmd=_donations&business=PP4RJMG7TBPTS&lc=DK&item_name=AHK%20Productions&item_number=nasdonation�??�?�¤cy_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHostedBitcoin address:1DmhapnfKVSxthqTi6htiocHZx7mjwMoEcHave fun.
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