If you have any questions, E-mail me. There is limitations of words to reply in feedback. This app is specifically designed for Spice Smart Pulse M-9010 which uses BTNotification app. This also works fine for U8, U8 pro (If you need any changes email me). Get call details (caller name and number) notification, WhatsApp messages, Gmail message on the watch. Connect Bluetooth headset to the android device. Connect Android device with Spice Smart Pulse M-9010 only as media (If you want to get audio within the android device, play local music in the watch. It will ask to disconnect BT music). When Android phone has incoming / outgoing call, it creates notification with caller name and it gets displayed on the watch. Attend call from Bluetooth headset. No need to take your Android phone out of pocket. Supports Text To Speech, can speak (Read Aloud) G-mail and WhatsApp messages. Watch video. Settings added to Turn Screen On by proximity sensor. Useful if device has Flip cover. No internet permissions required, your data is secure. Android 4. 3+ devices require access to Notification Listener Service. Android 4. 0 to 4. 2 devices require access to Accessibility Service. BTNotification (and BTNotification+) doesn't work on lollipop devices. Use Mediatek Smart Devices instead. For prior to lollipop devices:-Note that the BTNotification app truncates messages to 128 characters however watch has limitations of displaying messages up to 384 characters (and only 5 messages). If WhatsApp message is more that 384 character, it is shown in multiple notification. I have modified the BTNotification app and created BTNotification+ (version 3) to send messages of 384 characters (total 1280 character additional from 5 messages). Also the app creates big log file which is removed in this version. The link is provided within the app.
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