SWIFI+ | Auto Switch Best WiFi

while you're moving around, you get further from a network and closer to another one. swifi automatically switches to the closer network. Upcoming Updates:- Improved 5GHz priorty. Optimized battery usage. Faster switching. PRO FEATURES? Select your favorite networks. enables you to choose which networks to connect to, and which networks to avoid. Disable toaststhe option to disable "swifi connected to. " messages. Two widgets. a widget to turn on/off 'swifi'a widget to run 'swifi' once. FAQ. Can this app switch between repeaters? No, if two Access Points have the same name and encryption settings, they are saved as one wifi connection, they would have the same ID, apps like 'SWIFI' use the ID to connect to an Access point. Why do you need 'Location' enabled on Android 6. 0? It's an Android bug that will be fixed in a future release, but in the meantime, you have to enable Location for SWIFI to work. I know this is annoying, sorry :| https://code. google.com/p/android/issues/detail? id=185370Does this app consume a lot of battery? No, it barely consumes any battery, it only runs when you have a signal that is weaker than your 'Minimum Strength'.
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